BSV Sängerchor Boston was founded in 1888 as the Schwäbischer Männerchor (men’s choir). The choir was expanded to include women in the last century. This augmented chorus rehearses and presents frequent concerts, including dinner dances at their home base, the Boylston Schul-Verein (BSV German Club) in Walpole, Massachusetts.  

Past choir director, the late Claus Hasbrouck, specialized in his own arrangements of many traditional German art and folk songs providing the choir with a rich repertoire still used today.  The choir ends the Christmas season singing German and Austrian carols including “Stille Nacht.” Fasching brings a light-hearted celebration to the choir with a repertoire of Carnival songs sung in costume.  

After the Spring Concert, the choir goes on hiatus, singing again at the Sängerfest of the Connecticut Sängerbund, and at the BSV Sommerfest and Oktoberfest. The October concert program presents a different theme every year. Past performances have included light opera, Seeshanties, and Cabaret.

Come join us for creative fun, German culture, and Gemütlichkeit!

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